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    Upgrade to QV11 SR2 - lost field selection on reload


      We did a server version upgrade from 9 SR 7 to 11 SR 5 in our PROD box on Saturday.


      We select a field (datatype: date) from database and lock it with the maximum available value while opening the file via browser (using the Qlikview plugin). This has to be retained while the document gets refreshed automatically when it is reloaded in the server.

      To achieve this functionality,  we have used variables and Triggers in Document properties. This worked very well until Friday in v9 SR2. However, in v11 SR2, all values gets selected and the object is locked after the file reload in server. Basically, it is selecting everything while reload but selecting the desired value on Open. 


      Attached are the sample documents. Please open DATE_ISSUE.qvw in browser which defaults to 25th Oct 2012 (by using a variable). When the server file is reloaded and saved, the listbox in browser gets selected with all available values and get locked.