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    Load test using JMeter

      Dear All,


      Using Qvs 11 SR2 with IIS webserver, I am performing load test using JMeter on test server having 8 GB RAM.

      Getting heap memory related error message which says :

      Time Stamp: 25Thu10114109

      Test Name: DestJMXs\Portal4test.jmx

      Error occurred during initialization of VM

      Too small initial heap for new size specified


      Press any key to continue . . .


      Even though I have modified the JVM heap setting in jmeter.bat file to

      set HEAP=-Xms8192m -Xmx8192m

      set NEW=-XX:NewSize=8192m -XX:MaxNewSize=8192m


      Appreciate if someone suggest how to overcome heap memory issue.
      How do we allocate appropriate heap memory?


      Thanks in advance,