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    Table Box with Field Selectors

    Gerhard Laubscher



      We had someone from QLikView do a demo session for us the other day, and he did something that I am now trying to replicate in QV PE. I do not want to contact him and ask him for tips and favors until I know if we are going to actually deploy QV.


      He had a sheet with a table box, and to the left of the table box he was able to choose from a "list box" which fields he wanted in the table box. i.e. he did not have to go to the Properties of the table box - he just selected from a sheet object all the fields he wants to have in his table by selecting or deselecting them.


      I can't figure out how to do this - I've been using QV 9 and only recently started with QV 11.


      Please help.