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    References string

    steve peroni


      I've the following table:


      Customer  Order          Article          InvoiceNr      Amount

      A               100               P1               Z1500          500

      A               100               P1               Z2000          600

      A               150               P2               Z2200          150

      A               160               P2               Z2300          800

      C               350               P3               Z2400          50

      C               360               P3               Z2600          1800


      and I've to produce the following report


      Customer     Article     sum(Amount)          Invoice References

      A                    P1          1100                    Z1500 - Z2000 

      A                    P2          950                     Z2200 - Z2300

      C                    P3          1850                    Z2400- Z2600


      How can I concatenate all the Invoice number into a simpe string field like indicated above ?


      Help please, thank to anybody can put me on the right track