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    1 Dimension from 2 Criteria

    Hein Schultz

      Hi guys


      I hope you can assist me. I have an issue where we would like to use 1 Dimension with an Expression, but there is another dimension as a factor.


      Please see the attached QVW to understand the scenario.


      In the end we would like to have a Straight Table, with the calculations, but excluding the 2nd dimension needed to get the correct values. In this example specifically, I need Dimension = Customer and Expression = Rate x Time.


      I have tried even using a pivor table, but that also gives me the wrong info.


      So the 2 questions are:

      1. Can i use a Straight Table with 1 Dim only when i need the other?

      2. How do i change the totaling of my Rate x Time in the pivot table? (Not sure if aggr is the correct use here as it doesn't seem to be working)


      If anyone can assist please. Thank you.