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    Issues with String format

      Is it possible to change the letter case to Upper for some part of the string.


      Ex. 'aaa-Chennai and bb-India'  this needs to converted 'AAA-Chennai AND BB-India'

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          jagan mohan rao appala



          Try like this


          =Upper(Left('Hello world', 5)) & Right('Hello World', 6)




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              Let me explain my requirement clearly...


              Filter values and the scenario name will be given in an excel file. And I need to apply those filter for each scnario.


              First I'll load the whole data into a qvd file. Then I need to apply the filters for each scenario on that qvd and will load it in a table. So whenever the users select the scenario the values will be filtered out. (Just to avoid selecting the values manually for each scnario during the analysis)


              Now the Filter conditions are in the following format


              DBTableName.DBFieldName1 like 'abc%' or DBTableName.DBFieldName2 like 'de%'


              This filter condition can contain any number of fields.


              As I need to apply this formula on top the qvd, I cannot use 'like' function and the above string needs to be converted into


              wildmatch(DBTableName.DBFieldName1,'abc*') or wildmatch(DBTableName.DBFieldName2,'de*')