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    loading qvd and joining

      I have an excel file Budget that has a DATE,CATEGORY in it that can be used for joining.

      My other two tables HSHED has a DATE in it.  HSDET had in detail information for HSHED but doesn't have a DATE in the file but does have my CATEGORY in it.


      I need to join The Budget file that  has a record of every work day.  I need to get by CATEGORY for each workday the $ Sales.


      I can join the HSHED by DATE to the BUDGET file.

      My problem is since there isn't a DATE in HSDET how do I get the CATEGORY to match up.


      Normally in other applications I would read the HSHED and HSDET because they join together and get the DATE and $ Sales then I would join that to the BUDGET by DATE and CATEGORY.


      I just don't know howw to do this in Qlikview.