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    Anyone Installed Workbench using IIS7 as server?

      Good Day, or should I say Trick or Treat?


      I have downloaded workbench and am unable to install.  I am attempting to install using a virtual directory in IIS7.  When I get to the


      and test the url, I get this:



      The installation instructions seem to state either IIS or QVServer can be used:




      I went ahead and created a virtual directory and named it QvAjaxZfc...and tried 'testing URL' without success.  I kind of expected to see a system requirements section but it is not in the pdf I received.  The message about the URL seems to contradict the document (the message states I need QVServer).


      Has anyone succeeded in installing using IIS, I am just trying to get the install done.  I will tackle actually running Workbench once I have successfully installed.


      Thanks, I am dead in the water...