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    My Model is not connected ??? Still i want to show data in such a manner that it will refelect that model is connected.



      I have a application in which there are three modules


      1.     Sales & Customer

      2.     Inventory &

      3.     Receivable


      Model is not connected and I want if user select Product on dashboard it will get selected in all the sheets. And same for Customer. For that i made 6 variables and 2 Triggers.


      For that I have creted 6 variables






      RCUST=getfieldselections(R_CUSTOMER_DSC) // Because I have customer who have Long names such as 3 Mic Mini Max so by using above process it will not work but in this there is one limitation if I am selecting Product than all 3 products will be selected and if I deselect than all will be deselected and same for Customer but if I select bot at same time and try to deselect suppose customer than only one customer willl get deselected othere 2 will be there only. Any solution PLZ





      Please See Excel File for Images