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    Section Access Issue.........Urgent

    Neetu Singh

      Dear All,



      I have two application named one is "Qlikview1.qvw" and another is "Qlikview2.qvw".


      In Qlikview1.qvw there is a launch button in which on a click event i am calling "Qlikview2.qvw".


      Now, i have applied section access in "Qlikview1.qvw" application which is working fine but i want when i click on the launch button the second application ":Qlikview2.qvw" will open with same credential & reduced data.



      User Name is A and have access only for north region.


      when he login in Qlikview1.qvw with their credential, he will able to view data for "North region", but i want when he click on launch button with in "Qlikview1.qvw", then second qvw i.e. Qlikview2.qvw will open only with "North Region" data.


      Will it possible, if yes please help.



      Thanks & Regards

      Neetu Singh