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    Background Colours in a Chart



      I am designing a KPI table which has the last 6 weeks, a weekly target figure, a base figure and a ytd figure (see below). Basically I want to apply RAG colours against the last 6 weeks and the ytd figure but not the base and target (they should have a simple white background). I don't think this is possible with the visual cues so I'm guessing is going to require a expressions against each KPI for the background colour but again I can't get Target and Base to remain white. Please note that the RAG colours for Week 1-6 and YTD are based off the target and base figures. I have also tried Custom Format Cell but it is not working either (I'm using 10 SR3)





      Header 1Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6TargetBaseYTD
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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          I assume you only have one dimension and the rest of the columns are expressions. In that case you can set a color per expression by expanding the + sign in front of the expression, click on Background Color and in the Definition field put an expression to get the color you want, like blue() or rgb(0,0,255).

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              Yes, I have one dimension which is week. Below you can see the expression, Base, YTD and Target are all in the Week field and I look at the last 6 weeks with a variable. So I'm not entirely sure how I can replicate that into an if statement to give the rgb values for all 'Weeks' apart from Base and Target?



              ({<Week={"YTD","Base","Target",$(=vCurrentWeek),$(=(vCurrentWeek-2)),$(=(vCurrentWeek-3)),$(=(vCurrentWeek-4)),$(=(vCurrentWeek-5)),$(=(vCurrentWeek-1))}>} Sales)