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    SQL select by year

      hi, i have a small problem


      usually, the whole oracle DB is loaded in a QVD container.

      Now, data should be loaded incrementally, so the range of time to be loaded, has to be limited.



      LOAD *;

      SQL SELECT * FROM MYDB."consumption_s"

      WHERE year(TIME)= 2012 and month(TIME) = 5



      STORE DBconsum INTO $(vQVDStore)consumption_s_inc.QVD;


      usually, that would be no big deal, its very basic sql.

      the timestamp (TIME) has the format "41091,083333333" , which is usually readable by qlikview as "01.07.2012 02:00:00" or just "2012".

      but it doesnt seem to work with this sql load.



      any suggestions ?