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    set analisys troubles

    steve peroni


      I don't know why the following expression doesn't work properly:


      =aggr(sum({<MYMONTH={ "<= $(=only(PURCHASE_MONTH))"}, MY_YEAR ={"=$(CURRENTYEAR)-1)"}>} Purchase_amount), Supplier_code)


      What I would have is the sum of purchase amount till the selected month (MY_MONTH), but for the previuos year (2011).

      It doesn't recognize the ..{"= $(currenyear)-1)....  expression. The result is nothing.


      The following expression works properly

      =aggr(sum({<MYMONTH={ "<= $(=only(PURCHASE_MONTH))"}, MY_YEAR ={"= $(CURRENTYEAR)"}>} Purchase_amount),Supplier_code)



      I really don't understand. Help please


      Thanks in advance