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    Unable to write pivot col. output schema on Write Excel Operator.

      Hi Community,


      The following Dataflow  returns error at the time of execution, which is design to achive the  concept of pivot column




      The following describe the input pivot schema





      The following describe the ouput pivot schema

      output pivot schema.JPG


        I have the following error occurred during exection.


      Write Excel 1 - OPERATOR-0016-F: toolId 9.0, name 'Write Excel 1' - Exception 'RuleInstanceException' occurred in the 'process' function for thread 0. (Pivot_Expressor_Demo.Step_1)

      Write Excel 1 - RULE_DESCRIPTOR-0020-A: The datascript rule 'Rule Write Custom' failed Datascript initialization. There is probably Datascript syntax error. (Pivot_Expressor_Demo.Step_1)


      Write Excel 1 - LUA_HELPERS-0033-A: Error in Datascript while processing initialize: 'Connection was not opened. Unable to load Excel Workbook 'D:\New_Demo/Pivot_Col_Expressor.xlsx': 'The central directory was not found in the archive (or you were trying to open not the last volume of a segmented archive).'


      pleas help me out in order to sort this issue.