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    Exception List - Which customers are not buying selected product

      I've seen a similar post, but it wasn't fully answered.


      I have a number of customers that belong to different Market Segments and different Sales Offices,


      I want to make selections like Year, Market Segment and Sales Office and Group1. I want two tables, a list of customers that belong to the selections made with their sales (easy, standard Qlikview table in my sample file), then I want a table that shows a list of customers that belong to all the selections made EXCEPT Group1.


      Using my example, if you select Commercial Printer and Sales Office 30, you see 4 customers exist. If you then select Vinyl or Banner from Group 1, you only see 3 customers, I want a table that lists the 4th customer.


      My real QVW will also have selection items not included in this sample like Year, Month, Sales Rep, so I don't want to specify what the selections should include, however I can specify that Group1 is the exception.


      hope you can help!