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    CAL's and Server Issue

      Hi Qlikies,



      We have to create users in the QMC and then assign them named user CALs to them.


      We had a user for.eg:"XXXX " in the QMC, this user had installed the server so it was available on the QMC. A license is leased by this user. (PFA)

      We want to create more such users in the QMC. When we click the "Manage Users" button and search for users, no user is found.(PFA)

      We want to know how to create users so that we can assign them CAL...


      Reply is greatly appreciated....as am very new to Qlikview...!!


      Thank you ..!!

        • Re: CAL's and Server Issue

          Hi All,


          For the issue I mentioned we had first confirmed from the system administrator if the server is in domain. But since our Server is not in domain we created the users in Local Directory. (PFA)

          Now each one of us is having the License leased from the server.


          Thank you