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    Variable with coma or point



      I have a problem with comas and points. I want to declare a couple of variable like this:

      [OG_GH] = 0.505

      [UG_GH] = 0.296


      And then I want to use these variables in a expression.



      Avg ({<Z1V1niO={'>$([UG_GH])'}>*<Z1V1niO={'<$([OG_GH])'}>}[Z1V1niO])


      The problem is that in "expression" I need "," and in Skript ".".


      What can I do?


      Thank you for your help!!!



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          Diego Fernando Caivano

          Hi. If you treat your variables as text, then you should use REPLACE() function. If you are evaluating those values as numbers, use the NUM() and NUM#() functions with the appropiate decimal separators.


          To convert the given example, you first need to interpret the dot and then switch it to comma:

          NUM(NUM#([OG_GH], '#,##0.0', '.', ','), '#.##0,0', ',', '.')


          Hope it helps.

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            you can try out the replace function in set analysis.


            replace('0.505','.',',') -> 0,505


            i don't have any data where i could test it right now but I think it should work this way