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    Problem in display the ReloadTime()

      In all my files I use a Text Object with the following formula:

      ='Fecha: '  & Date(ReloadTime(), 'DD MMM YYYY  hh:mm')&'


      So I can always see the date and hour of the last reloaded process. In QV 10 I had no problem at all, but with the upgrade to QV 11 (11.00.11414.0 SR2 64-bit Edition) I experiment a problem and cannot find a solution:

      Durieng the same day of the reload, the date and time of the repoad is show correctly, but the next day of a reload , it show me the following value: Fecha: 30 Dic 1899  00:00

      In version 10, I never experiment this problem. Have somebody have an explanation and solution? Thanks in advance for any help.