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    Make selection box apply to specific object

      Hi everyone


      I've be picking my brain with this for a while and thought I'd see if anyone can help.

      Can you make a selection box apply to a specific object/variable? Or create an input box that behaves like a seclection box?


      I want to have a Line graph with two lines. and I want the user to be able to filter the data represented in each line.

      So the user can choose one line to be the avg(sales) of product x in region y, by salesman z. and the other line to be avg(sales) of product a, in region b , by salesman c and d.

      I want the flexability that you have in List box filtering where you can select muliple values and it shows you the values you cant select.


      The only way I can think of doing this is by creating an expression that uses sets which are defined by variables input by the user. Howevery this gets very tricky.


      Any suggestions are very much appreciated,


      Even if its a workaround that I can have a go with.


      If you can apply a list box to a specific object I suppose I can put tables on top of each other and set them as invisible,