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    Breaking Circular loop

    Saurabh Pandit



      I am new to Qlikview.



      I learnt that Qlikview uses Associative property so we cannot keep circular relationship like SQL.

      In SQL even if there is circular relationship then we can use joins in our query and get required report.

      Please let me know how to do it in Qlikview


      I am having three tables






      All three are related and I cannot break even a single link due to following reasons:


      A Lead is assigned to Executives

      Calls are made to lead and calls table has lead id and executive id to tell who made the call.

      Executives Table has leadid and call id.


      Problem being that a executive may call a lead that he is not been assigned as well. So I cannot break any of the link. (as many may think of breaking the Executives and Calls link)


      I will share the qvw if that would help.