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    How to calculate a Moving Range Average for a Xmr Chart



      I am trying to build a Xmr Chart with the data below. There is an Month/Year filter and I always calculate the Average and the Moving Range Average with the selected data only*.

      But I am having a hard time to calculate de Moving Range Average, I always get an erron on the expression.


      Year/MonthSalesAverage *Moving RangeMoving Range Avg
      2012/10     100.038,59          105.023,83         17.884,04 ??
      2012/09       82.154,55          105.023,83         38.539,28 ??
      2012/08     120.693,83          105.023,83           3.485,48 ??
      2012/07     117.208,35          105.023,83                      -   ??


      The Average I used the expression:  sum(total(Sales))/GetSelectedCount(Year/Month)


      For the Moving Range:  fabs(sum(Sales)-below(sum(Sales)))


      And for the Moving Range Avg I tried unsucessfully to use: sum(total(fabs(sum(Sales)-below(sum(Sales)))/GetSelectedCount(Year/Month)


      Can anyone help me please?


      Thank you very much.