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    Problem with Rank dimension



      I'm not sure whats going on as I have the following calculated dimension that works fine:


      =aggr(rank((sum({<Scenario = {'Actual'},GRPCOD={140}>}Amount) - sum({<Scenario = {'Actual'},GRPCOD={'150'}>}Amount)) / sum({<Scenario = {'Actual'},GRPCOD={'150'}>}Amount)),Project)


      When I try to use a similar calculated dimension on another table which only is slightly different it doesn't work all the time:


      aggr(rank((sum({<Scenario = {'Actual'},GRPCOD={140}>}Amount)) - (sum({<Scenario = {'Project Forecast'},GRPCOD={140}, [Fiscal Year], Month, Quarter, [Posting Date] ={"<=$(=Max([Posting Date]))"}>}Amount))) ,Project)


      What I mean by that it doesn't work all the time, is that sometimes based on selections made the sorting isn't as expected as the rank isn't always in the order I expected. I speculate the following "filter" may be the problem?


      [Posting Date] ={"<=$(=Max([Posting Date]))"}