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    Creating a Straight Table

      I am trying to read online the best way to create a straight table and the differences between that and a pivot table.  Does anyone know a good place to read the differences?  I am also trying to create a table and I'd like to create a mini table to show the growth from month to month.  Right now my striaght table looks like this:



      JulyGrilled Cheese15
      AugGrilled Cheese30
      SeptGrilled Cheese25
      JulyPeanut Butter and Jelly30
      AugPeanut Butter and Jelly50
      SeptPeanut Butter and Jelly60
      JulyHam and Cheese45
      AugHam and Cheese42
      SeptHam and Cheese17


      Is there anyway to show each sandwich only once sandwhich then show the mini table the change in order numbers from month to month?