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    data presentation

    sriram s



         My requirement is that I need to show only the non zero numbers in dpa lag 0,dpa lag 1 and dpa lag 2 columns .Below is the table from teh table



      Apr 2012Dec 20110.00358169182.000%0%-
      Apr 2012Jan 20120.00434485823.000%0%0%
      Apr 2012Feb 20120.00732762856.000%0%0%
      Apr 2012Mar 20120.001286501586.000%0%0%
      Apr 2012Apr 20120.00241257800.000%0%0%
      Apr 2012May 2012176753106.0072396926.0073%14%24%
      Apr 2012Jun 2012214755.0066785522.000%0%0%
      Apr 2012Jul 201217234.0010892301.000%0%0%
      Apr 2012Aug 2012380.0010892339.000%0%0%
      Apr 2012Sep 20122.000.000%0%0%


      Only the  values highlighted must be dised in the table.




      Can anyone help me to resolve the above problem?