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    Device for Static Dashboard



      There is a requirement to show static dashboards, updates on daily basis, outside each department on 21" screen.


      Which device do you recommend, should be best suited for the requirement, which is also compatible with QlikView?


      By screen, I mean not to have touch-screens, rather static LED devices to show the results/analysis/key figures.



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          QlikView doesn't have any requirement protocols for displaying public dashboards on a static display or any other display for that matter. It is just like connecting a secondary monitor or a projector to your laptop.


          The only catch is the display resolution.

          Your dashboards must be designed (or resized) to fit the resolution of the display.


          If it's just for displaying static dashboards, I think a widescreen display will fit best.


          There are plenty of decent LED monitors available in the market.

          You can probably choose Samsung, Asus or LG - depending upon the support available in your country/region.

          But for a starter, you can take a look at these....


          Asus VE228H 21 inch LED Monitor


          LG E2211PU-BN 21 inch LED Monitor


          Samsung S22B350H 21 inch LED Monitor


          Hope that helps.