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    single sign on issue

    Syed Shah

      Hi All,


      I have implemented single sign on in QV 11, I have followed the instruction given in QV10 Access Point SSO. I have done it on QV11, so instead of using accesspointsettings.aspx , I have used http://station95:4750/QVWS/Service  as a web service as in QV11, Qlikview Settings Services is handling things. I have also tested Feddler to check if the http header request is successful, and everything seems perfect


      However, now when I directly login to access point using http://localhost/qlikview/index.htm , it does not accept the username and password.

      I have tried to use the the ssosample but it again asks me for username and password and does not let me in. It works with the user and password when I switch the authentication back to ntlm


      also, when I use http://localhost/qlikview/index.htm , it logs in with the user that I have put in the filter to send as a header, but when I put ip address instead of localhost, it again starts asking for username and password


      Any help or guidance with this problem will be really appreciated