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    Line chart, String values at y-axis

    Florian Salfenmoser

      Hello everybody,


      like i said in the titel of this poste, i tried to display string values at the y-axis of a line chart and it didn´t work.


      If i transfer the string values into int´s with the following statement


      if(Status = 'Zurückgestellt', 1,if(Status ='Offen',2,if(Status ='In Analyse',3,if(Status = 'Analysiert',4,if(Status ='In Bearbeitung',5,if(Status = 'Realisiert',6,if(Status = 'Abgenommen',8,if(Status='Geschlossen',9,if(Status = 'In Abnahme',7))))))))) as NumStatus,


      it works. (On the y-axis is the status of the Project and at the x-axis the date, so you´re able to see when the status did change)


      I think the usability with the numbers at the y-axis is not very good and i don´t want wo write a legend wich explains the meaning of every number because i don´t like the look.


      Has anybody an idea, how (or even if its just possible......) i can display string at the y-axis of a line chart (Combo-Chart would be ok too).


      Thank you very much!