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    pie chart does not give correct proportion

    vinia marciano

      I posted a discussion previously, with subject "how to make pie chart show proportion of selected values in total including unselected", however, i think my description wasn't clear that I was not able to get an answer.


      Let me try again, one more time I am attaching two images for reference. Image water1.png, shows 3 objects namely WATER, WATER_DESC, and Access to Safe Water. I wish to show the proportion of households with access to safe water. Values in the field list "WATER_DESC" are possible sources of water in a community/area (while those under "WATER" are internal codes of the water sources) . Image water2.png shows selected items which are "safe" sources of water. When I highlight or select the "safe" sources of water, the pie chart shows the proportion of each value to the total count of respondents that have access to safe water and NOT to the total number of households/respondents.


      Sorry, I am really stuck here. I would really appreciate assistance as I do not know what to do next and how to get the proportion of selected values to the total count/respondents. And we have a bunch of similar reports that we wish to generate prior to purchasing licenses, and if this type of report cannot be generated, maybe this is not the app for us..


      Thanks and cheers.