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    QlikView Expressor Connector locks up QlikView Desktop Script Editor

    Michael Tarallo

      An issue has been identified with the latest release of QlikView Expressor 3.8.2. It may effect certain Qlikview Desktop installations by locking up the script editor or displaying a QlikViewExpressorConnector has stopped working message box.




      If this happens, in order to return QlikView Desktop back to its normal function you must kill the Qv.exe task listed in the Windows task manager. The issue does not happen on all installations and may not be evident at first. It has been identified in installations where deployment packages previously displayed in the QVEConnector's tree view had been renamed or deleted.


      In order to remedy this issue, please follow these simple steps:


      • Close QlikView Expressor
      • Close QlikView Desktop
      • Navigate to drive:\Users\<user profile>\AppData\Roaming\expressor\
        • You may have to turn on hidden directories in the Windows Explorer settings in order to see it
      • Delete the connectorSettings file
      • Restart QlikView Desktop
      • Create a new QV document
      • CTRL+E
      • Select the QlikViewExpressorConnector.exe from the Database list and click connect
      • The Configure Expressor Data Source tree view / dialog should display