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    Move document without losing task?

    Martin Lindberg Lüttge

      I am trying to move some of my QlikView documents from one folder on my server to another folder.

      That part i no problem, so far so good.


      I would now like for the tasks I have created on the documents to "follow" the document, so that I don't have to either copy the task onto the document from the old document (via QMC), or create it all over again.


      Does any of you have any experience with this, if it is possible?


      I haven't seen any indications that it is. I have been able to locate and edit the task_UNIQUEIDENTIFIER.xml, in the QDS-folder/task, so that the task (which is still attached to the document in the old location), reloads the document in the new location. But the task itself still appears with the document in the old location.

      Is there any place where the "link" between .qvw's and their tasks is located?


      The general question is if I can move a document and make sure that its tasks are pointing to the correct document-location in the QMC/Documents/Source documents


      Hope to hear some experiences.


      Best regards,