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    star schema model

    Adotey Kwame


      i have data in excel and i was hoping to design a star shema model but apparently there are no dimension codes to do that. Is there a way around it or i simply have to generate the codes myself in excel.


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          Stefan Wühl

          You shouldn't design a star schema just for the sake of having a star schema, so maybe you just don't need to do anything.


          Can you describe the structure of your excel file? And what you are missing (or what you are planning to analyze)?

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            It's pretty easy to do with if you create a key on the detail table.  it's as easy as doing



            Rowno() as Key,




            and then you can do code like this

            [Applied Date]:



            [Applied Date],

            month([Applied Date]) as [Applied Month],


            Resident Detail;

            //this removes it from the fact table and leaves it in the dimension table above

            Drop Field [Applied Date] from Detail;