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    Need Help Regarding the Fractile function...



      I was wondeirng if anyone knows what is going on with my fractile function.


      I am using it in this manner:


      =Fractile(column(10), .97)


      Inside the function, I am referencing a particular column as opposed to a field. The referenced column returns numbers, but the fractile expression is not returning a value or a null. If anyone has any insight as to why this might be, that would be great.


      If it helps, the column that is referenced is a complex aggregated sum that also references another column.


      I also tried something along these lines as a test:


      Fractile (QTY, .97)


      And it still would not return a value. Perhaps something is up with the function itself?


      Thank you,



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The help file says this about the fractile function:


          The function argument expressions must not contain aggregation functions, unless these inner aggregations contain the total qualifier.


          So your complex aggragated sum is probably the cause the first expression doesn't work. If in your chart QTY is only a single value for a row, then a fractile can't be calculated. But it's impossible to tell without knowing the specifics. Can you share the qvw you're working on?

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              Hi Gysbert, thank you for the response. I cannot provide the qvw, but if it comes to creating a sandbox of the problem I will.


              Previously in order to get the fractile to work, the application has been using a vb script macro, that evaluates the expression that is in the referenced column for the applicable rows, storing it, and then using that in the  fractile equation to get the correct value.


              Is there a way to do something similar, and instead of using a macro, somehow reference the column in-chart as a number as opposed to an expression? However, this cannot be done in the script, as the expression in the column gives different values based on certain inputs and selections.