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    ora -12154 TNS prolem

    steve peroni


      I'm trying to connect my Qlikview document with an oracle db, but it seems hard to do.

      First of all, I create a new ODBC connection by the odbcad32.exe in windows\syswow64 and it works fine; the connection test is ok.

      (I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that I've installed ORacle client 10.g and placed the TNSNAME.ora into the right folder (....\network\admin\)


      When I open Qlikview and choose connect, I can see my odbc connection, but it doesn't work. It asks me user and password, but when I click OK I receive the message above: could not resolve the connect identifier specified.


      HELP !! Please


      Thanks in advance


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Either tnsnames.ora is in the wrong place and can't be found, there's syntax error in tnsnames.ora or the database you're trying to connect with isn't defined in tnsnames.ora. See for example here for more information.

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              steve peroni

              Hi Gysbert,

              I'm a bit confused because the testing connection is successful using the odbcad32.exe tool.

              What making me crazy is why the same connection doesn't work in Qlikview.

              In short terms: the connection test by the odbcad32.exe panel is successful, so db name and tnsname.ora file should be correct;


              connection tesintg by Qlikview is failed.

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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  Did you tell Qlikview to specifically use the 32-bit driver? ODBC CONNECT32 TO....etc. Perhaps qlikview is trying a not properly configured 64-bit driver.

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                      steve peroni

                      I tried in both modes: forcing 32bit and not, but the result it's always the same.

                      Concerning the driver I've installed 32bit driver: so I should have qlik and driver under the same structure

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                          Sunil Chauhan

                          U need to provide TNS in your



                          apps->UserName->product -> 11.0.0( or something)->Client_1->network -> admin->tnsnames.ora


                          in this file enter you tns entry in below format



                          please enter enteries which in bold


                            (DESCRIPTION =

                              (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = IP)(PORT = Portno))

                              (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = IP)(PORT = Portno))

                              (LOAD_BALANCE = ON)

                              (FAILOVER = ON)

                              (CONNECT_DATA =

                                (SERVER = DEDICATED)

                                (SERVICE_NAME = Service Name)

                                (FAILOVER_MODE =

                                  (TYPE = SELECT)

                                  (METHOD = BASIC)

                                  (RETRIES = 20)

                                  (DELAY = 5)






                          then try to run or


                          hope this helps

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                              steve peroni

                              First of all thanks to everyone who spent his time to help me.


                              As first step, I removed and installed again the oracle client 11.


                              Secondly I configurated a new odbc connection and I found a bit odd thing:  choosing the "oracle client 11g" during the OBDC connection creation, the connection test is successful, but it doesn't work with qlik.

                              Choosing the "Microsoft ODBC" for oracle, qlikview works fine.


                              It is still a dark area for me, but it works


                              Thanks very much