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    Substring Count returning multiple strings with new Conditional Dimension Functionality

      Hello everyone,


      So recently I tried migrating from Macros to the new conditional Dimension functionality added in QV 11.  However, I have encountered one small problem that I have been unable to overcome without hardcoding.


      This issue is if you have two fields like:





      Then using the conditional dimension it should usually be:








      However as some of you may have already guessed, when you select SPORT_BENEFIT, you also get BENEFIT, as BENEFIT is a substring of SPORT_BENEFIT.


      I have tried to use wildmatch but it fails on more than one selection due to the fact that is an exact string match.


      I would think to use regular expressions but currently the sub strings in the field names sometimes fall at the beginning, middle or end of them.


      The only solution I came up with thus far is hard coding in for BENEFIT:


      =(SubStringCount(Concat(%Dimension, '|'), 'BENEFIT') = 2 and SubStringCount(Concat(%Dimension, '|'), 'SPORT_BENEFIT') = 1) or ((SubStringCount(Concat(%Dimension, '|'), 'BENEFIT') = 1 and SubStringCount(Concat(%Dimension, '|'), 'SPORT_BENEFIT') = 0))


      etc... but this is going to be a pain in the future if lets say you wanted to add a SCHOOL_BENEFIT field.



      Any thoughts?


      Thanks in advance,