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    Can I use QlikView OCX connected on a server?

    Erich Shiino


      I just used OCX to include a qlikview chart (from a QVW in my machine) in a PowerPoint presentation.

      The object is linked to the object in the QVW. If data changes, the object in powerpoint also changes.

      If I delete the qvw, the OCX stops working


      The questions are:

      - Can I link the object to a server? I mean without a shared folder ( for example \\server\folder\app.qvw) I'd like to create this link ( maybe qvp://server/app.qvw)

      - Can I make the object present the last valid state if the powerpoint is offline ?


      If the answer is no to any of the questions above, is there any alternative (and I really mean any alterrnative... ) ?

      Maybe workbech, etc?


      Best Regards,