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    What is the meaing of developer in release note (corrected bug list)?


      I'm reading the release note(QV11 SR2). In the bug corrected list, there are some kind of confused words.



      45801 : One particular Straight chart won't export to Excel(plug-in, Aax, developer)


      Question: What is the meaing of developer? Does it mean "QlikView Desktop Client" since "QlikView Desktop Client" is used for developers.


      With all the best,

      Kaung Myat Tun

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          Finally I've known that the use of word, developer is used in the history of QlikView. Before version9 of QlikView, the license scheme is divided into developer, analyzer, professional for QlikView Desktop Client.

          An analyser could read the document for the analysis.

          A Professionnal could build the conception of the application (design part) and analyse.

          A Developer could import data, build the application, and analyse.

          These kinds of license of license are deleted with QlikView version 9 and so any user with either a Desktop licence or full User CAL can use the full functionality of QlikView.


          So the answer for the meaning of developer in corrected bug list of release note means QlikView Desktop Client (i.e. with valid CAL).


          I am hoping that QlikView Support Technician use the correct usage of words consistently in the release note or all documentation since this kind of usage in documentation cause confusion for the freshers of QlikView.


          With all the best,

          Kaung Myat Tun.