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    match dates minus timestamp

      In my script, I'm attempting to count number of contacts where two fields, contact date and project date, equal each other.  In cases where they are equal, I'm trying to tag that record as 'New to DB', else 'Other', per the example below.  However, my script is not working.  It recognizes no matches, even though I've found numerous matches offline in Excel.  I suspect it is because both fields contain a timestamp appended to the date stamp.  I tried overcoming this problem by removing all time references ('h:mm:ss TT'), leaving just the dates (see my date and timestamp variable settings below), but still no success.  Can anyone help?



      [Contact Date],
      [Project Date],
      IF([Project Date]=[Contact Date],'New to DB','Other') AS NewDB,





      EXAMPLE of script variables (removes time references, leaves only the dates):



      SET Timestamp