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    Bill of Materials from Navision

    Josetxo Josetxo Amonarriz



      I have been looking for a way to make a explosion of the Production_BOM_Line table.

      Every Item with a BOM (Bill of Materials) has a BOM No. in this table, which has these relevant fields:


      BOM No.     Line No.      Type                 Item/ProdBOM No.    


      BOM1          1               Item                    Item1

      BOM1          2               Item                    Item2

      BOM1          3               BOM                BOM2


      BOM2          1               Item                    Item1

      BOM2          2               Item                    Item2

      BOM2          3               Item                    Item3


      Item1           1               Item                    Item4

      Item1           2               BOM                   BOM3

      BOM3          1               Item                    Item5

      BOM3          2               Item                    Item6


      So, BOM1 is a Bill of Materials which has three components / lines: two Items (Item1 and Item2) and a BOM (BOM2). This BOM2 consists on three items (Item1, Item2 and Item3). Item1 consists on another Item (Item4) and a BOM (BOM3).


      I would like to make a explosion of this BOM table like a tree. Can the hierarchy function help on this?

      I would really appreciate any recommendation on how to attack this issue.