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    Filter possible list items in List Box

      Good morning.  I'm new to Qlikview so apologies if this is a silly question however I cannot seem to find a solution and was hoping you could help.


      I have a set of data available and would like to use this on a dashboard as a potential filter item for individual managers to select their teams and then their peer teams for comparison, however I only want the list box on the dashboard to contain a subset of the entire list.  Is this possible?


      So for example, if the data contains a filed entitled "Team" and in that team list there were listed 20 teams however for the list box potential selection I wanted to show only 5 of those teams, how can I do this?


      I've tried playing with the list box to hide escluded items, but this then does not allow them to see the other 4 items for future selection when looking at peer comparison.


      Any help greatly appreciated.