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    Expression Comments Viewable in QV11

      I have a Pivot chart with a number of expressions which have abbreviated filed names, i.e.


      AMHIP (field name)

      Adult Mental Health InPatients (full name to be shown when hovered over)


      I have added a comment to this expression stating the full name but when I hover over the field a comments box appears but nothing inside!!!


      I have added " " around the comment but still nothing showing in the comment box, I have removed these and still nothing!


      Am I missing something for this to be read and picked up as text in the comments box currently being shown, but blank?





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          Diego Fernando Caivano

          Hi Andrew.


          The "comment" text field is just for keeping an internal description of the expression and won't be shown outside the object properties.


          Please check the "Text as Pop-up" option for each expression. If you need to show something different from the result, a valid solution is to add extra expressions with only that property selected, so the rest of the chart remains unaffected. Take into account the "Pop-up labels" check under Presentation tab.



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            Diego Fernando Caivano

            The attached example may clarify what I meant above.


            Then of course you should use a field to store all comments instead of hardcoding it as I did.


            Hope it helps.

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              This is the thing, when I hover over the column headings (the title is abbreviated, hence the comments for the full description) the comments box appears but not comment  in there. I think I may be missing something in the comments property around the full description for this to be recognised and picked up in the comments box when hovering over the column title.


              I've tried a comment for the abbreviation AMH i.e.


              1. ='Adult Mental Health'

              2. ="Adult Mental Health"

              3. 'Adult Mental Health'

              4. "Adult Mental Health"


              All the above show the comments box but no comments are shown.


              Hope this explains a little better than my original post.