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    Hierarchy node not selectable and grayed out

      I have a hierarchy created with



                LOAD TagId, Parent, Name;






      Hierarchy(TagId, Parent, [Hierarchy Name], , [Hierarchy Name], Tags)




      Name AS [Hierarchy Name]

      Resident TagParent;


      DROP TABLE TagParent;



      from which I create a TreeView List Box shown in the picture. I'm confused about why some nodes in the TreeView are always grayed out and not selectable (even after a Reload and a Clear of all selections). For example, Color and Date shown in the picture (when the Color node is collapsed, the white indicator appears to the right indicating selectable children). It seems that leaf-nodes do not behave this way.


      http://community.qlik.com/thread/58450 refers to similar behavior, but in the case described above, not all internal-nodes are unselectable (and any Parent appearing in the adjacent nodes table has its own row in that table).


      Why are some internal-nodes always unselectable?

      Thanks! -Reid