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    adding multiple calculations to external field and creating a table with output

      Dear All,


      I have a requirement on displaying the Different KPI's output in a Straight table but the dimension is as external.


      Here I explain the scenario


      I have to display the measures like SalesValue,Inventory,Profit,Cost,Inventory Cost etc.

           SalesValue,Profit,Cost coming from one transactional table with seperate dimensions

           Inventory and Inventory Cost comes from another transactional table and bothe Sales and Inventory tables are seperate.


      I have to display a table with KPI's as

      Dimension          YTD               PYTD

      Sales Value        YTD Sales      PYTD Sales

      Profit                  YTD Profit      PYTD Profit

      Cost                   YTD Cost       PYTD Cost

      Inventory              YTD Inven.    PYTD Inven.

      Inven. Cost          YTD Inv. Cost PYTD Inv. Cost



      Here the dimension i have to create a inline and associate the measures with them, and my Measures are not fixed to YTD and PYTD it may have to changed to different KPI's dinamically.


      So I would be able to created by using a function (Pick). It works fine taking little longer time.


      However I need a better solution which will give me output faster by using any other functions.


      Your help is appriciated. Thank you.