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    APIGuide.qvw in personnal edition



      I'm new to qlikview. I was trying to understand how macros work and so i search and i found that there is a guide (APIGuide.qvw). But i don't have it even if i made a full installation with documentation.


      I searched on my computer and can't find any APIGuide.qvw

      I have no Documentation Folder under C:\Program Files\QlikView\


      I tried to open these posted in the QlikCommunity but i had following error:

      "The license that is embedded in this document is not valid"


      I also found following message (The specified item was not found.) stating that the issue is corrected in v11 SR2 but this my version and i still don't have the fill.


      I'm on XP with version 11.00.11414.0 SR2 (Personnal Edition)


      Where am i wrong ? In personnal edition you don't have access to this documentation ?