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    Incorporating URL Signing for Static Maps in GoogleMaps for Business

      Hi Folks,


      First posting here so please excuse any breaches in etiquette.


      I've been asked to get google static maps working within Qlikview.  I am a complete novice with Qlikview but do know googlemaps to some degree.  I appreciate that there are examples of incorporating static maps; however, I need to utilise the Usage Reports within googlemaps for business and as such need to sign the URL on each static map call.  This means not using a key but rather using the client id (and a channel), and each time the map is centred differently the URL needs to be signed differently.


      I could create a list of valid centre points but suspect the customer would prefer it more dynamic than that.


      Has anyone any guidance on this?  I've logged a call with both google and Experts Exchange so will post any response back.


      Thanks in advance,





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          Hi Folks,


          Ah.  A response from google.


          Unfortunately, no: calls to the Static Maps API must have both your client ID and a signature in order to benefit from enhanced Maps for Business resolution and quotas (and support!) Further, it's not acceptable under our terms of service to access the free Static Maps (ie. without client id and signature) from a closed community (ie. any Qlikview pages that are private to you or your company).


          I'm not familiar with Qlikview, so I'm afraid I can't help there - but I did see a google map hiding in the corner of one of their pages in the product tour, so perhaps they do have a mechanism for embedding Google Maps. I'd recommend talking to Qlikview - do they provide support? If so, perhaps you could put me in touch with them and we could have a conversation about how they could best implement our Static Maps so you can use your client id and signature in a compliant fashion.