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    how to deal null, negative and zero values

    steve peroni


      I've to calculate a sales percentage like this:   (Current_year_sales  -  Previous_year_sales) / Previous_year_sales


      My problem is how to manage null values and/or zero. For example, how can I check if Previous_year_sales is zero or negative or null ?

      The same for Current_year_Sales of course.

      How can I deal this situation in order to display the right percentage value ?


      Thanks in advance

        • Re: how to deal null, negative and zero values
          Deepak Vadithala



          You can use functions like ISNULL() to check NULL values. But in your case you have three conditions and I'd do something like this...


          IF(Current_year_sales > 0 AND Previous_year_sales > 0,

                (Current_year_sales  -  Previous_year_sales) / Previous_year_sales,

              Whatever you wanted to show when the condition is false)


          Ideally you should tag the NULLS in the script so that you can handle them easily.