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    Qlikview and Windows 8

    Luca V


      i was looking for information about Qlikview and Windows 8.

      Is it supported  ?

      I developed a project with Windows 7, does it work on a Personal Edition installed in a notebook with Windows 8 ?


      Best regaards,


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          Jagan Nalla

          You need to have licence to open the qlikview which is developed on other system or other OS.

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              Luca V

              Thanks Jagan,

              now i give you others information that may help you understanding my situation:

              I have the development edition on my pc.

              I already installed my project on PCs with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

              How can i know if i can with Windows 8 ?

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              Diego Caivano

              Hi. Regardless of the OS, you need a licenced QlikView installation to work on it as Jagan said.


              Besides that, I am already testing QlikView 11 SR2 on Windows 8 (both 64 bits).


              I haven't come across any issue so far, as QlikView runs in "desktop environment" just like a normal Windows 7 program. Theoretically it should behave in the same way. In my experience it works as expected but there is no official announcement from QlikTech on this topic.


              You may try it, although it is always recommended to develop on a well-known stable environment.



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                I have been running QlikView from v11 on Windows 8 without any problems. In fact, in many cases I experience better graphics. So go on and try it...



                Best regards


                Torbjörn Ungvall (@Ungvall)

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                  Musolov Viacheslav

                  Tested, there are several errors, including graphics, is very striking. As an example, the interface elements are invisible, and that they would see the need to refresh the page (switch to another tab and back, for example).