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    Store's assignation


      I wonder if with QV i could solve this problem, very frequent in geotargetting, as i know how to do in SAS.

      Suppose, we have 2 tables.The first one is a prospect file with several fields and XpYp geo-coordinate.

      The second one is a file containing some stores (with also XsYs geo-coordinate).

      I would like to find for each of my prospect which is the closest store,

      for each couple (prospect, store), i need to calculate the distance as sqrt( (Xp-Xs)*(Xp-Xs) + (Yp-Ys)*(Yp-Ys) ) and then find the minimal to get the good store.

      Can I do this in the script with some SQL skills or maybe directly in a chart ?

      Maybe someone have already exprimented this topic.

      Thanks for your help.