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    Calling a Webservice

      Hi Folks,


      (source material, googlemaps : https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/business/webservices )


      I need to execute a function to build a URL based on parameters passed to it, and to use the returned URL within an expression.  Please note, I am very new to Qlikview and far outside my comfort zone with this.


      My understanding is that the best way to proceed with this is to create a webservice that will take the inputs (postcode, clientId and channel) and return a correctly signed URL.  I can manage the code for the web service and the deployment of the web service but don't know how I would integrate that into Qlikview.


      I've looked at the word document that outlines the use of static googlemaps ( http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-3136 ) but, as I need to use GoogleMaps for Business with a signed URL, I can't just use the example as provided.  So where in the example it says:


      gmap_key & '.jpg'


      I instead need this to do something along the line of:


      = MyWebService(var_postcode, var_clientId, var_Channel)


      Could someone show me how to acheive this?


      Many thanks,