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    6 QVD's into 1 mina document: Schedule/reload not working

    Helen Pippard



      I was wondering if someone could help me


      1) I have built 6 QVW's which store data into 6 individual QVD's 

      2) All 6 QVW's are scheduled on the scheduler and run at different times of the day/week etc and reload prefectly

      3) I have a main document which is based upon the 6 generated QVD's

      4) The main document is scheduled to run on the scheduler, but for some reason it does not reload


      Could someone please help me with any suggestions as to why my main document will not refresh like the 6 individual QVW's?


      I have looked at the scheduler and cannot see why it wouldn't run


      Any advice is greatly appreciated


      I am running Qlikview 10 and the scheduler is enterprise management concole