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    basic filter for chart



      From my fact data I have a special chart which should by default use only a subset of data (based on NOT NULL for one of the attributes)

      The filter should be only for this chart and not in general.

      How to best accomplish this?


        • basic filter for chart
          Neil Miller

          Use Set Analysis on the expressions of the chart. Something like:

          Sum({<FIELD -= {}>} VALUE)

          That would give you the Sum of VALUEs where FIELD is not Null. We'd need more specifics on your data to give a more specific example.

            • basic filter for chart

              I have records with planned and actual values. For some records only planned values exist.

              Some table charts show all records, actual show up as null.

              I wanted now to create a table that concentrates on planned-actual differences and should use only records that have an actual value set. I could create an additional selection for "actual only" but this will then impact my other tables too and might confuse the user thinking everything has actual values.

              So what I was looking for is a subset of all records with existing actual values for this table chart only.

              I could create a separate data table when loading that contains only records containing actual values but this will (almost) double the used memory?

                • basic filter for chart
                  Neil Miller

                  No need for another dataset. Set Analysis is exactly what you want, but you need the Set Expression in each expression on the table.


                  Sum({<Actual -= {}>} VALUE)

                  If each expression contains the Actual -= {} Set Expression, then records where Actual is Null will be ignored and your chart will only display data for records where Actual has a value.